Blog 2.0

Well, I’ve been back in the States now for more than a year. I don’t know when, or even if, I will be able to go back to Jordan. That is in the Lord’s very capable hands and subject to His timing.

In the mean time I have been involved with a little church in Arlington, TX called Eden Road Community Church. For the last couple of months I’ve been leading a bible study there on Sunday mornings. We have been working through the book of Colossians. I have had a couple of requests for a copy of the notes that I have put together while studying the book, but, given the fact that my notes would seem to be mostly incoherent gibberish to anyone not privy to the other half of the conversation going on in my head, I would need to translate them into a form that would be accessible and intelligible for someone other than myself. As I was considering how I might do this, it occurred to me that I have a perfectly good blog just sitting there, falling apart from neglect, ready to be pulled up into my front yard, tires missing, bottom rusted out, possibly to be turn it into a flower bed some day.

Or, I could start posting those notes on this blog, there by making them available to anyone who might be interested. This would also give me a way of organizing my freshly decoded notes, and, maybe, breathe a little life into this old clunker of a blog.

So that’s my plan. I’ll try to make regular posts regarding our bible study and along the way I’ll probably throw in posts about things I find funny or interesting.

Then again, there’s still the flower bed option.



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