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Coming Home

Barring unforeseen delays, I should be back in the good old US of A in just a little over 24 hours. With all I have had going on up until about two days ago, I really hadn’t had much time to think about being back in the States or what I will do when I get there. But as I finished with my responsibilities at our English Center, my mind began to turn towards home. I thought I would put together a list of some of the things I would like to do, foods I would like to eat, or places I would like to go once I am back in the States.

  • Eat bacon.
  • Spend the day out in the woods. Jordan is a desert country, so that tends to limit the amount of forests here. There are forests in Jordan, but they are far from were I live and they just don’t hold a candle to the woods of Louisiana.
  • Eat at Johnny’s Pizza.
  • Sit on the dock behind my grandma’s house and let my feet dip down into the waters of Lake D’Arbonne. Again, that whole living-in-a-desert thing tends to make lakes pretty scarce.
  • Have a big bowl of Gumbo.
  • Eat bacon.
  • Go target shooting.
  • Watch it rain. A good thunder and lightening storm would be best.
  • Wash my clothes in a washing machine that doesn’t beat them to pieces. I’ve lost a couple of shirts to that soggy toothed monster and have had to patch all but one pare of my jeans.
  • Eat bacon
  • Clean off a plate full of catfish fillets.
  • Stop worrying about having correct change every time I need buy something. Here in Jordan only the major department stores are likely to have change anytime you need it. In the little mom and pop places (which is pretty much all the shops) it’s always hit and miss (and more often it’s miss). Having a 50 dollar bill is about like having no money at all because no one will take it.
  • Eat bacon.
  • Go to Wal-Mart. Not to buy anything. I just miss the place.
  • Strike up conversation with a random stranger IN ENGLISH. It’s fun learning Arabic and all, but knowing that you can communicate with anyone at any time will be refreshing.
  • Wear shorts in public.
  • Eat bacon.
  • Take a shower with real water pressure behind it. The force of gravity is the only thing that brings water into my apartment here.
  • Enjoy the quiet of the country side. All cities are noisy I guess. Amman is no different.
  • Eat bacon.
  • But most importantly of all, I intend to give a giant hug to everyone in my family and spend my days hanging out with them, holding my baby niece and making her laugh, playing with our dog Max, and connecting with old friends. And then…
  • Eat bacon.