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Something that made me smile

Saw this today.  Had to get a picture.

I don’t know if it would do much to protect your head but I’ll bet everyone would get out of your way…because they would think you were nuts.

Unless you were this kid.


Zombie Apocalypse

Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention wants to make sure you are. On May 16th they posted instructions for how to prepare for and what to do in case of a zombie invasion. It also happens that the information they provide could be useful in slightly less surreal circumstances, like natural disasters. The post is part of a campaign by the CDC to teach people how to prepare for things like hurricanes, wild fires, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes. While the odds of a zombie outbreak are low, I have to admit this was a very cleave way to get people to read an article on emergency preparedness. I mean, if it was just the standard article about batteries and bottled water, I doubt I would be doing a blog post about it. Apparently, other people think so too. The CDC’s website went from about a 1000 hits a week to over 30,000 in one day and more than a million followers on twitter. I’d call that a win.

Of course, they forgot to tell people to get a house like this guy.  And to stock up on shotguns.


When I woke up this morning it was raining. And it has been raining off and on most of the day. If I were back in the States this wouldn’t be any big deal. We get rain all the time.

But I’m not in the States.

I’m in Jordan.

I found out not long ago that Jordan is the 4th most water-poor nation in the world. On average it receives just over 10 inches of rain a year. In case you didn’t catch it, that was 10 inches a year. Last year it stopped raining around the end of February or beginning of March and didn’t rain again until November. That’s eight months with no precipitation. The “rainy” season here is only in the winter months. In fact, the same word is used in Arabic for ‘winter’ and for ‘rain’.

It’s funny to see how people react to the rain. It’s kind of like when it snows back home. One snowflake and the schools are closed and people start calling in to say the can’t get to work. While they don’t close the schools here for rain, I have seen many, many businesses that just don’t open up when it rains. Church attendance usually drops by about half on rainy days (or on days when it looks like it might rain).

Being a weatherman here must be the easiest job in the world. For nine months out of the year all you’d have to say is “Looks like another beautiful day of sunny blue skies”.

Of Cars and Camels

I’ve been here for more than a year and it still cracks me up when I see a camel roaming around the city.

In some places they even have camel x-ing signs.