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One Week Until Registration

We have been in between semesters for a while now but finally our summer program is about to start. There is still a lot to get done between now and registration. Judging from the number of people who have called to ask about our classes, I’m expecting us to easily be filled to capacity. This past spring semester we were also completely full and even after we had enrolled 130 students (our absolute max) we still had people asking to be put on a waiting list in case anyone dropped out and a space became available. I’m expecting things to be about the same this semester.

While it looks as though we will have plenty of students, we may be lacking a few teachers. All of the families on our team that live in Jordan are in the States right now for one reason or another. So I’m left to hold down the fort. We do have a group coming from the States for two weeks who will be teaching and there are two couples and a single guy who are also going to be helping. Still, during our last two weeks of class, we will be very thin and some of us might have to teach two classes.

Please be in prayer that registration will run smoothly, that the Lord will bring in all the students that He desires to be a part of our program and that we will have enough teachers to be able to really connect with our students and make a difference in their lives.

Thank you for your prayers.